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Who is Hemispheres United?!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The cleanest we'd be all week on the first day for Tech Inspection!
Photo by Richard Giordano of Desk to Glor

Irma is from South Africa, in the southern hemisphere.

Mandy is from the United States, in the northern hemisphere.

Together for the Rebelle Rally, their Hemispheres are United as they take on their second year of the rally!

Many lessons were learned in our 2020 rookie year. We worked our butts off to prepare for the rally - taking training independently and together, cramming with our maps to make plotting achievable through muscle memory, but there are some things that you cannot practice. You have to do the rally to understand the complexities of putting it all together!

Time Management. Organization. Teamwork. Navigation. Vehicle Preservation.

Those are just a few that come to mind. Even though it's nearly five months since the rally, we're still processing everything and documenting what we can to prepare for our 2021 journey! To do this, we're activating our blog to share our stories from the 2020 rally and our experiences as we prepare for this year. Stay tuned for some humor, beautiful pictures, some lifetime experiences that attracted us to the rally, and so on!

Our eyes are on the road ahead for the 2021 Rebelle Rally!

A frequent view of the beautiful land through California and Nevada during the 2020 Rebelle Rally.
Photo by Nicole Dreon.
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