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How to Support Team #139: Headings United

The Rebelle Rally is an investment, but a worthwhile investment. In order to cover some of our costs, we have a few ways that you can officially support the team cover their travel and vehicle transportation costs. In addition to helping us out, 5% of all funds raised will go to our charity, Hope Connections - a nonprofit that offers free, professionally led programs for people with cancer and their loved ones deal with the emotional and physical impact of cancer. Assistance is provided either at the Hope Connections in Bethesda, Landover, or through online for emotional support, education, wellness, and hope.

  1. Team Merch

  2. GoFundMe

  3. Official Sponsor - we have four different sponsorship levels (outlined below)

  4. Rebelle Rally Giftcards - $10-$6,000

  5. Follow us:

    1. Facebook

    2. Instagram

    3. X/Twitter

    4. Website

Thank you in advance for your support! We wouldn't be where we are today without you!

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