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Who is Team Headings United?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Although they only live 40 minutes away, Mandy and Alex found themselves together more out west than they did out East when they first met. Both searching for adventures in a more beautiful, drier climate, they both appreciate the beauty of the west and use every excuse they can to get out there. Living so close they supported each other throughout the 2022 Rally then had the opportunity to partner up in 2023! They have similar goals and ways of tackling challenges, so they are excited to take on the 2023 Rally! They both drive trucks - Alex a Jeep Gladiator and Mandy is either in the Rivian R1T or Ram Rebel (2022 Rally Vehicle).

The team name: Headings United

United has been part of the team name over the years (Hemispheres/Veterans/Coasts United), so it is a tradition to keep it part of the name. Headings is a reading off a compass used to chose your direction of travel, something we do many times throughout the Rally. Alex and Mandy have taken a few headings during their lives which guided them individually to off-reading, instruction, and the Rebelle Rally. Now they have their headings united to the starting line at Mammoth Lakes.

The team logo.

Many of our favorite things make up the logo - the compass rose, sunsets, Rally checkpoints, the dunes, and Joshua Trees! It felt right to include it as part of our logo this year as we anticipate seeing all of these things in our near future!

Mandy and Alex are excited for the 2023 Rebelle Rally. With only about 50 days until the start line, there is plenty to do and details to finalize, like important things such as, who will be our third teammate? Taking guesses :-)

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