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Reliving the 2020 Rebelle Rally

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Taking the time to reflect each day in an attempt to absorb everything that just happened!

A beautiful picture of Irma and Mandy enjoying the sunset at Glamis Imperial Sand Dunes at our final base camp. It was important to reflect on the day to begin preparing for the next each night.
Reflecting on the day's events while enjoying the sunset - By Nicole Dreon

If you ever want eight days to go by quickly, do the Rebelle Rally. It's amazing how quickly eight days of 13+ hour days will go by. We had heard from veteran Rebelles that one of the things they try to do is to write down what happened each day, so that after the Rebelle, you can go back and remember it all. With the fire hose of information and experiences you have each day, journaling was important for us so that we could both remember and record the journey, but also to be able to share it with you!

Over the next few weeks, Irma and Many will pull from their Rebelle journals to share their Rebelle journey with you in hopes that this will inspire you and to start getting our mindset ready for 2021!

Official registered for 2021!

We both have very different ways of remembering the Rebelle, which is what made us such a great team! We both have very detailed memories, but of very different things. We are both excited to relive our journals and the Rebelle to remember not only the funny or the best things of the Rebelle, but to share some of our lessons learned with you as well!

So grab your La Croix or your favorite drink, and join us as we relive the 2020 Rebelle Rally!

If you didn't know, one of our 2020 survival items were a few cases of La Croix? The addicted shall not be named...
Workstation Set Up and Ready to Go!
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