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Who is Mandy?!

If you read the introduction, you know by now that I am a spontaneous person with unrelated hobbies. But what else?!

I was born into an Air Force (AF) family (and later joined the Army), meaning travel happened often and we moved often. After the AF, my dad joined the airline industry as a mechanic (hooray for flying benefits!). All of those things are the foundation to who I am today. Travel is in my blood, the military is a big chunk of my life, and I cannot stay in one place for very long.

That's me, with my two favorite animals - Roady (dog) & Donner (horse)

Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, the military seemed like the best route post-high school, knowing it provided a solid foundation for my parents provided confidence in the decision. Thanks to my experiences in the military, I gained valuable insights, made lifetime friends, and built the courage to be more independent, leading to overall more confidence in myself. This led to many solo trips to various locations in the world, learning about the world of offroading, traveling to one of my favorite places on earth (Afghanistan?!), and so much more.

In a small Afghan village north of Kabul during my deployment

Following the military, I completed my undergraduate and graduate degree at Indiana University, then moved out east with my horses to continue working in the defense field. Since moving out east, my unrelated hobbies continued! I found CrossFit, eventually leading to me pursuing my CF-L2 and USA Weightlifting Level 2, and Precision Nutrition certifications, which I use while coaching at Blue Crab CrossFit in Hanover.

A life goal is to get a good picture of me working out. This is the best I have...

Also out east, I've become even more addicted to offroading and the Overlanding lifestyle, leading to me participating in the 2020 Rebelle Rally - an all women's offroading navigation rally, using only a compass and a map to navigate 1,500+ miles through Nevada and California!

Taking and Offroading Course to Learn the Dimensions of my Gladiator

Most recently, some friends of mine, Katelyn and Nat, introduced me to the life of real estate investing. I'm just getting started with this, but the plan is to set ourselves up for passive income to retire early and travel the world! More on that in the future.

So as the site explains, I have a lot of unrelated hobbies, but really it all boils down to my desire for adventure and sharing my experiences with others, in hopes that they too can pursuit their own. Stay tuned! I look forward to connecting with you through my stories!

Don't pity the dog, he got a treat for his patience wearing antlers! He secretly loves it.

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