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The Structure of our Gear Reviews

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

We're sharing our thoughts and lessons learned on various gear we've used over the years and/or are currently using on our rigs. We strive to provide honest reviews and will indicate in the review if we are given equipment to test rather than gear we've purchased ourselves.

The structure of each review will start with a "Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)" section, which will highlight the gear for those that do not wish to get into the details. The BLUF section comes from our military days, where you're often asked for the BLUF version of a story versus the longer, drawn out version. Being that we're both Army veterans, we thought you might enjoy that section, so that you can choose your own reading adventure!

The plan starting out is to include the following sections:

  • Equipment Installed

  • Vehicle (the equipment was installed/used on)

  • Installation Difficulty: Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Pay Someone

  • Would we recommend? Yes, No, Maybe with caveats

  • What you need to know: Any information that we wish we knew before installing/using

This will inevitably evolve over time based on our posts and/or your feedback. If there is something that we didn't cover or more details on what you would like to see, please let us know! We'd love your feedback! We created this site for you to help you out with your pursuit of adventure. We cannot make it better without your input!

So happy reading and thanks for landing on our page. We hope that you find it useful and we look forward to hearing from you! Cheers!

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